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Monday, 29 August 2016

Whatever the weather

Saturday was a gloriously sunny day to have a BBQ, but typically yesterday the day we had planned to go round our eldest son's house for a BBQ it rained for most of the day.  Never one to miss the opportunity for a BBQ regardless of the weather David put together a makeshift shelter so that he could still cook outside.

On Tuesday it is Elisha's 7th birthday, but we will be unable to get out there on the actual day so this was our way of celebrating with them.

Here she is enjoying cuddles with her younger brother Theo.  This is the card I put together for her birthday.

A simple card and a great way of using up some of my paper scraps.


Lesley said...

Adorable photos and a very pretty card.Ingenuity is orten called for with out weather! Hope you enjoyed yout bbq:)

Brigitte said...

Sweet pictures of Elisha. And some rain cannot keep real BBQ'ers from having a BBQ, lol.