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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Final two for box

It's Landscape day today but I'm finding it hard to get motivated with it this month.  I think it's partly due to not doing any the first week, only managing to catch up with a few extra stitches last week and knowing that next Sunday I am unlikely to get anything added to it.  It makes me feel I need to get all this months stitches done today and it seems massive.  Then the realist side of me says it doesn't  matter if I don't get it done there is always another day.

On the positive side here are the final two cards to go in the box and I am already planning on making more as I have plenty of paper left over.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Those cards are lovely Linda! Don't put yourself under so much pressure with your Landscape, don't forget that you do this as a hobby and hobbies are about relaxing and enjoying, not stressing and worrying! I know, I have done the same in the past with hobbies (that's when you find yourself tempted to give up, I did and regretted it). Now, I do what I can, when I can, and really enjoy my time in my craft space! Have a wonderful Sunday sweet friend. See you Wednesday! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Karen K said...

Beautiful cards - just lovely.

I know what you mean about your stitching, I have SAL fatigue at the moment!