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Monday, 15 August 2016

Another glorious sunny day yesterday.  An enjoyable walk with Max and then the pile of ironing had to be tackled - thankfully with it now being just the two of us it doesn't take too long.

I went to sit in the conservatory in the afternoon to add some stitches to landscape hoping to enjoy some peace and quiet, but sadly it was not to be.  I have no objections to people cutting their grass that's acceptable, but I do object to having to listen to our next door neighbours grown up son and girlfriend 'enjoying themselves' just a little too loudly.  To block out the noise I put the radio on and also went round to speak to his mother who I am sure must have been able to hear the porno like sound coming from the shed he lives in which is in their back garden.  No answer, but I did hear someone shout out of the window telling them to hurry up and get it over with which did make me chuckle.

Anyway I did eventually manage to add another 377 stitches.

I have added a coat of gesso to the canvasses and it is my intention to spend at least a few minutes each day adding something to them.  For my friend Hazel I will take a picture each time so you can see the process  - hope you enjoy it.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Your story about the young couple and the neighbour shouting for them to hurry up made me giggle Linda! Not fun for you though. Your landscape is moving along nicely, and thank you very much for taking the pictures of your canvasses for me, it's fascinating watching them 'evolve' before my very eyes! Ironing? What's ironing? Seriously, if I buy something that I find needs ironing, it goes straight into my 'charity box' . . . I loathe ironing! Can't wait to see the next step with those canvasses! Have a great week my friend! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Karen K said...

The landscape is looking glorious.

Oh yuk re the neighbours son ! ! ! It did make me laugh though. I once came across a couple doing it just off a foot path when I was walking. I just walked by and said lovely day for it.....

K x