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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Two finishes

Yippee I've finally finished Julys Joyful World SAL.   Another of Julys objectives completed, not sure if I will get the Christmas ornament done in time but I will give it a go.

My second finish is the second in the Little Village School series.  Another fabulous easy read where the story continued.  I posted the first one over to Kay to read, I'm not sure if it has arrived in Australia yet but I  hope when it does Kay enjoys it as much as I did.  I'm already looking forward to starting the next one in the series.


My Card Attic: Hazel said...

It's lovely to see that pretty piece finished Linda and it is even prettier IRL! I know nothing about that book, but know how satisfying it is to finish one and then be eager for the next in a series! Have a lovely weekend! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on the Joyful World SAL, lovely finish.
I haven't read any myself but Gervase Phinn is very popular at work. He sells well!