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Monday, 20 June 2016

Sleepless night, productive day - how does that work?

I have almost caught up on my stitch schedule with regards to landscape.  I put in a total of 515 stitches yesterday while watching the tennis final and then later the football.  The weather was atrocious, rain all day so what else could I do?

I managed a total,of 338 a fortnight ago so a total of 853 stitches have been added to landscape this month.  If I can manage to add 347 next Sunday then I will have met my June target.

I was pleased to get that many stitches done especially as we had this little chap stay overnight and woke 'us' up twice during the night.  

I always find it funny how it was me that got up to feed Lincoln and change his nappy during the night and yet it was DH that fell asleep yesterday afternoon.  It was never any different when our own children were young but at least then he did have the excuse that he did shift work.  I guess us women just have more stamina!

It's  hard to believe we are two thirds of the way through yet another month - I need to get cracking to try and accomplish some more of this months targets.


Karen K said...

Arh bless little Lincoln, twice is pretty good me thinks Linda and I did smile about Ian..... Well done on your stitching. We were out bike riding and got soaked... however another 15 miles each in the bag for the Big Pledge.

I did the border for July as I didn't have the pattern and as they are all the same just used June, I have printed off July ready to go.

K x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, my just look at him! We do have more stamina and we wouldn't trade those middle-of-the-night grandkid wakeups for anything! (If the Mister did it, I'd be awake anyway wondering how he was doing in there, so it might as well be me that gets up!)

Well done on your stitching achievement goals, Linda! You must feel a lot of personal pride in doing that, as much in the finished beautiful creations!

I'm wondering if you got an email from me a week ago with the restaurant details and request for your mobile? If you responded, I didn't receive it, so could you send it again? Thank you! I'm beyond excited now and don't know how I'm going to keep from quivering into a mess by the time it actually gets here!! Hugs, Darnell