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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Max and DH to a tee

Most pets display so many humanlike traits and emotions it's easy to forget they're not gifted with the English language and then get snubbed when we talk to them and they don't say anything back. ~Stephenie Geist

While out with mum on Wednesday I came across these sweet pictures which I couldn't resist.  They sum up how Max and DH would think perfectly I believe.

Max just loves it when he gets onto a beach.

Given the chance the picture on the left is how Max would like to spend his night times - instead he sleeps in his own doggy bed in his own bedroom because he snores so much! The phrase reads Happy to top 'n' tail, just keep your feet still.   The picture on the right is how I imagine it would be if DH retires before I do.  The phrase here reads Bag of crisps and I won't  mention this "walk".

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Julie said...

They are really cute lol