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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Early start

I was up at six thirty yesterday to bake two lemon cakes as I didn't feel like making them when I got home from work on Thursday.  My feet were aching too much as it had been a busy afternoon/evening.

Once the cakes came out of the oven it was time to go and collect Harlee-Jay and take him to seen his Auntie Letty and cousin Lincoln.  Unfortunately Lincoln wasn't feeling his best, they think he has a touch of tonsillitis - whenever he cried he could only manage to squeak like a guinea pig, poor little chap.

After dropping Harlee-Jay back to his dad in the afternoon it was time for some more baking, this time small buns, some iced and some as butterfly cakes.  I also made some sultana buns, fingers crossed we sell them all.

No time for stitching yesterday and I don't suppose I will have time or inclination today either.  After the show I  think it will be early to bed as I  will feel shattered.


Lesley said...

Tasty cakes. I hope Lincoln gets better soon.

Julie said...

Delicious cakes, I hope the model railway group raised lots of money