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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Wild flowers and childhood memories

I don't have any stitching photos to shown you today as the piece I am working on is a gift stitch and needs to remain secret for a little while longer.

I do have a selection of photos of wild flowers which I took yesterday while walking with Max.   The buutercups, daisies and dandelions reminded me of my childhood.  Making daisy changes as longs as possible, holding buttercups under the chin allegedly to see if you liked butter if it reflected yellow.  Dandelions we were told not to pick otherwise you might wet the bed but we always did when they had turned to seed, blowing them to tell the time.  Oh happy days!

So many beautiful things to see at the moment which makes our walk each morning more enjoyable.


Karen K said...

You are so right, everything is so wonderful in Spring - it still takes my breath away when I walk where we live, I still sometimes can't believe we are lucky enough to live where we do.

Julie said...

A lovely post Linda. Sometimes I think it's the simplest of natures wonders that give us the most pleasure. I saw 2 older girls by the roadside the other day collecting a basket of daisies and wondered if they were going to make daisy chains.