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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Finished with a day to spare.

Today is International Jazz Day

Yesterday I  managed to finish April for the Joyful World SAL, I  left it pretty close to the end of the month so was pretty relieved when the final stitches went in.  Hopefully May won't take me so long.

I think this my favourite one so far, although they are all beautiful.  I probably like it the most as it's the first one I haven't had frogs come to visit and there are no mistakes - not that I have noticed anyway.

Landscape has been neglected this week so I will try and double up on the stitch count for the coming week to make amends.

As it is International Jazz Day we are going to go around The Barbican this afternoon to enjoy the jazz events that are being held there.  Weather permitting we hope to be able to enjoy a couple of drinks outside while listening to the music.


Karen K said...

Oh well done it looks amazing, I've still got lots to do and with bring on Telephone box cleaning and painting and visiting FIL whose back in hospital I will be surprised if I get done K x

Ana said...

I like your april version! I am stitching for may too ;)

Julie said...

I like this one the best so far, I've made alterations to May ....