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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Back to Alice

Way back last July I started stitching Alice in Wonderland by Soda Pop as part of a month's SAL with Justine of Justine's Cross Stitch.  As I have now finished the baby sampler I need something to take it's place on my 2016 objectives list so this is the one I am going to work on.  I will only be able to work on this one each week if I have completed the target number of stitches on the Landscape.  I am hoping that will help keep me motivated to get another large WIP completed.  This is where Alice was left at the end of last July.

I added some more stitches to the gift stitch on Wednesday evening and I am hoping that I will have that completed by tomorrow evening - I only have a few days left so on a tight timescale this time.


Karen K said...

Hi Linda she's lovely, do you know how many WIP you have waiting to be finished? K

Justine said...

Hurray for Alice! I have two Alice charts on my WIP list but not stitching on them at the moment. I'll be cheering you on with this lovely bright design.

Julie said...

This s such a fun design

Brigitte said...

A lovely piece. It deserves being worked on again :))