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Monday, 14 March 2016


Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.
 Khalil Gibran

It was another beautiful sunny day yesterday.  In the morning we pop up to the local garden centre taking MIL with us - we wanted some bags of compost and MIL wanted some Primulas for her garden.  I was also looking to see if I could find a suitable plant for mum and dad's Diamond wedding anniversary - I had hoped there would be a rose for this occasion but sadly not at that garden centre.  We also enjoyed the obligatory hot drink and cake LOL.

Once we were back home we did some tidying up in the garden and then it was time to settle down with the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.

I think I made up for not stitching last week and managed to complete page 9 and also make plenty of progress on page 10 too.  I managed to complete the small motif on the far left, lots of the alphabet and another motif just below the alphabet.

I am so pleased with how this is coming along and I am hopeful of another page completion this month if I am able to get plenty of stitching time over the next two Sundays.  When you think of it like that it makes the time seem to rush by.  I'm not sure if Barbi and Kati are still working on theirs but I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this and am thankful for them introducing me to this lovely piece.

I hope all my followers have also enjoyed a wonderful weekend.


Karen K said...

Wow, it's looking fabulous Linda and it's really moving on now. The weather was glorious at the weekend, Spring finally seems like it's coming.

k x

Christine said...

Great progress Linda, it's looking gorgous

Julie said...

WOW .. its grown lots, and looks wonderful

Hope you manage to get your rose for your parents anniversary x

Brigitte said...

It's coming along great!

Justine said...

Lovely progress Linda. You seem to have speeded up now you've turned the corner!