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Monday, 7 March 2016

My favourite haunts

Haunt - noun
A place frequented by a specified person:

Yesterday I spent the first half of Mother's Day having my nails painted and enjoying a relaxing facial.  I also spent a little time going into some of my favourite haunts which mainly consists of the following shops - Cath Kidson, Paperchase, Monsoon Accessorize and Waterstones - anything to do with bags, stationery or books.

In the afternoon I was lucky enough to see all my children and grandchildren who brought around some lovely cards and gifts.  We enjoyed some time playing with Lego and with the teaset.  

Late afternoon I enjoyed seeing the end of the Andy Murray match and what a match - well done Andy and well done team GB.

Mother-in-law came and enjoyed Sunday dinner with us so all in all a truly relaxing and enjoyable Mother's Day for me.

It was a busy day which left no time for stitching, this will be the first Sunday I think that I haven't been able to work on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler but I was too tired despite it being a relaxing day to pick up needle and thread.  I didn't want to risk making any  mistakes.

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Karen K said...

Sounds wonderful and just what you deserve

K x