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Sunday, 20 March 2016

French Knots - Ugh!

To make a French knot, bring your needle and thread up through the fabric where the knot belongs. grasp the thread with your non-stitching hand 1-2 inches from the fabric, and hold the thread taut.

They always sounds so easy but I always struggle with French Knots - sometimes they come out looking fantastic, other times I end up pulling too hard and they pop through the fabric and other times they just look like blobs.  Still, good or bad all the French Knots have now been put onto the baby sampler - well apart from on the train wheels which I decided against adding - I'd had enough of them by this point.

I have just got a little bit of back stitching to do along the outside borders and adding the baby details and this will then be complete.  I'm hoping that my next post on this will show you it all completed and ready to go to be framed.


Marlene jones said...

It's a lovely finish, and not easy to do all that counting, as for French knots, I hate doing them.

Annie said...

This piece is so cute; love all the soft, happy colours:)
I'm not a fan of french knots either, but I do think my knots have improved over time:) Saying that though, if I can avoid them, I do lol:)

Sharon said...

You're not the only one who struggles with french knots! They are one of my least favourite things to do. I can't seem to make them look consistent even though I think I'm doing them the same. Some look great, others look all lumpy!

Karen K said...

wow, wow, wow, so close now, it's looking FABULOUS ! Well done K xx