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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

February's reading

I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.

–Harold Kushner

I seem to have come down with another rotten cold - thankfully not as bad as the one I had last November, but sneezing and blowing of my nose becomes quite tedious at times.  Anyway onto nicer topics.  After completing K is for Killer last week I needed a new book to start reading so I have now moved onto Carole Matthews The Chocolate Lovers Club.  
This is the first book in the series ( I inadvertently jumped in at number three with the Christmas book).  Normally I like to start at the beginning of a series but I didn't know there were earlier novels when I read the Christmas novel.  It's nice though to find out more about the characters in this book and how the series came about. I am already at Chapter 13 and thoroughly enjoying the lightheartedness of the novel so far.  I don't think it will take long for me to read this one so I might even get to complete two books this month.  

I'm still reading Lamentation at work which is also a good read but obviously that progresses much slower as I have less time to read at work than at home.

Thank you to everyone who left comments about what they are currently reading it has certainly given me food for thought and I may well look into some of the novels suggested.


Julie said...

Lamentation is doorstopper of a book!
Get well {{hugs}}
My new read is The Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jeffries, loving it....

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

I hope your cold gets better soon ! Phillip has man flu so isn't feeling very well...I am avoiding him as much as possible... he is rather generous with his germs.

I have been reading a lot more light hearted stuff recently, a nice escape from some of the worries we see on the news all the time... I enjoyed The Great Christmas Knit off by Alexandra Brown and the Great Village Show by the same author and set in the same village. There are three in the Carringtons series (again Alexandra Brown) which are nice to read too. I'm on the last one, all bought through my Kindle.

Get well soon

love K x