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Monday, 22 February 2016

Cornwall Cottage Sampler

Today is Sweet Potato Day

Cook a Sweet Potato Day

It's also my day to show the progress I have made on the Cornwall Cottage Sampler.  I was able to work on this for quite a few hours today inbetween doing a little shopping and a little tidying up of the house.

Today I have finished the large motif on the left hand side and made a start on the large motif at the bottom of the page.  I've also made a start on the alphabet, the internal green border and one of the smaller motifs on this page.

Here is how it is looking overall.  I am hoping that next Sunday I can get plenty of time to work on it again and who knows I might even be able to get this page completed.


Karen K said...

Wow, it's really coming on now isn't it Linda, you can see a difference every week. Well done x

Lesley said...

Looking awesome!
I like sweet potatoes.I substituted them for common potatoes after my younger son said they made great potatoe wedges,sprinkled with a little paprika.I loved them.

Julie said...

Had a lovely catch up read, your tags are super and lots of progress on the Cornwall Sampler. Super pics of your little ones you have captured, I remember Savannah being born, she's grown into a lovely little lady.

Brigitte said...

Last weekend I cooked sweet potatoes. I mixed small cubes of all sorts of vegetables that I had in my fridge, added a good amount of olive oil, some herbs and citron wedges and baked everything in the oven. It was heavenly :)
Great progress on your Cornwall Sampler.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The sampler is looking great. I'm going to enjoy the alphabet, I like lettering!