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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mild winter causing confusion

We don't have any snow this winter at the moment - just lots and lots of rain.  Unlike many in the UK we have not been affected by floods for which I am extremely thankful, I can't even begin to imagine how awful that must be.
Helleborus (Winter Rose) and tiny snowdrops always come out in our garden at this time of year.
But these beauties normally wait a little longer.  Camellias and Azaleas I don't think should really be flowering just yet - I think they are confused by the very mild weather we are having this winter.  It will be such a shame to lose all the lovely buds on our plants when the winter frosts do arrive.
They are, however adding some wonderful colour to our garden so I will appreciate them while I can and keep my fingers crossed that Jack Frost will bypass us this year.


Karen K said...

Lovely Linda, I think we are supposed to have some colder weather next week which will confuse everything and everyone!

Julie said...

Gosh, your camellias are early, mine don't usually flower till later Febuary early March and are still tight buds here.

Brigitte said...

Wonderful flowers that you still have. Nothing like that here but the meadows are still a bit green because it hasn't snowed yet. But snow is forecast ...