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Saturday, 16 January 2016

A little purchase I couldn't resist.

the action of recommending something or someone.

It was Margaret's (Scrapbook Magic) birthday last week and before Christmas I came across a sweet Etsy shop that sells handmade brooches and pendants which are a bit different to normal.  I know that Margaret likes steampunk and saw  this wonderful steampunk snail brooch which I thought she would like (thankfully she did).
Cute Steampunk Snail Brooch, handmade from polymer clay using watch parts and monacle
I have since got back to Aurora's Locket Etsy shop and purchased a steampunk mouse brooch for myself, I had seen the mouse in her shop before but when I went to buy him he had been sold.  I contacted Aurora and asked if she was able to make another one and I was so pleased when she said yes and was happy to customize it in whatever colour I wanted.  A beautiful product, great communication and superb service from this lady.  I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who wants something a little different and unique as each one is handcrafted.
Here is a photo of my steampunk mouse.


Christine said...

They are gorgeous, I'm off to check ou that shop now.

Julie said...

Two fabulous handcrafted goodies.

Karen K said...

Very unusual Linda, not my cup of tea but I think they are very well done.

K x

Sheryl S. said...

I´ve never seen these steampunk brooches, very unusual, thanks for the link.